Online courses on human evolution and the history of life on Earth

How the online courses work?

Dr Adam Newton - Palaeontologist and proofreader
Dr Adam Newton

The online courses use Teachablean online platform used by over 20,000 instructors worldwide teaching over 7 million students. All courses are delivered by me, Dr Adam Newton, so you have one point of contact for all queries, questions or problems, whatever the subject matter

The courses can be undertaken entirely online. Courses are broken down into a number of easily digestible learning units and each unit includes both reading material and a test. The tests are there to both consolidate and test your knowledge and of course to provide feedback as you learn. Furthermore, the reading material is downloadable.

No prior knowledge is required, all you need is a passion for learning about evolution!

Being online courses, you can work at your own pace and with the Plus Versions of the courses you have long as want to complete the course and submit coursework that will be returned with feedback.

All courses have a 30-day money back guarantee. Free samples are also available.

Current and Upcoming online courses

Homo ergaster

An introductory course on human evolution and a more in-depth course on human evolution are available now.  A number of shorter online courses on human evolution looking at more specific topics in greater depth are also planned, including one on diet and human evolution.

In addition to human evolution, there will be online courses that delve into other aspects of evolution, such as the evolution of life from the earliest life forms over 3 billion years ago. Other topics planned include the evolution of mammals and a course specifically on primate evolution, the large group of mammals to which humans belong. The story of how mass extinctions have shaped the evolution will also be covered.

Current online courses are:

30-day money back guarantee on all courses.


At evo-learn there should be something for everybody who wants to learn about human evolution and the evolution of life on earth.


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Image source:  James St. John, CC BY 2.0.