Prices for English Proofreading

English academic proofreading by a native speaker

My main areas of expertise are palaeoanthropology, evolutionary studies, archaeology, and environmental studies. But I'll proofread other topics too. 


Regardless of the nature of the proofreading project (e.g. journal article, PhD thesis, book contribution, website), I calculate the price based upon the number of characters including spaces. Please see below.

  Price per standard page (1600 characters including spaces)
Normal Price €5.25
PhD candidates €4.50
Student Price €3.75

Listed prices include value added tax (VAT). 


The prices listed depend upon the exact nature of the project, so please get in touch and I'll be happy to send you an exact quote.

English to german translation

In addition to proofreading, if you require English to German translation services (especially in archaeology/palaeoanthropology) please contact Dr Iris Newton at Archaeoscript.