Welcome to the evo-blog

The aim of this first post is to introduce what this blog is going to be about. There'll be another post soon where I'll introduce myself and my motivation behind my evo-learn online courses in a bit more detail.


So what's this blog going to be about? Mainly it'll be about sharing interesting stories or research about evolution, anything from the earliest life forms on Earth billions of years ago to more recent themes, such as human evolution over the past few million years. The posts could be related to something that has recently been in the news but sometimes it'll just be a story about a landmark discovery that took place many years ago and that I think would be interesting to retell. Some of these posts might be relatively lengthy, while others might just briefly mention a new piece of research that I think is worth sharing. I'll also do some book reviews/recommendations from time to time.


There'll also be posts with news about my online courses, such as course updates and future plans. This will be a good chance for people to provide me with feedback or with any ideas they have. Ultimately I want to offer online courses that people enjoy so future courses will be devised based upon based upon what people are interested in learning about.


I'm not sure how often I'll have a new post. I'd like to do one every few weeks, so we'll see how it pans out.


So that's about it for this first post of my evo-blog. If there's anything that you'd like me to blog about then please let me know by the email address at the bottom of the page.


Adam Newton, Berlin

June 2019


If you want to learn more about human evolution please consider taking one my online courses on human evolution. No prior knowledge is required, all that is required is an passion in learning about human origins!


There is a 30-day money back guarantee on all courses. Free samples are also available for all courses so you try them out and see if you like them before even paying.

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