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I've recently added a new section to the evo-learn website. On the orange sidebar you can now find a new section below Online Courses called Learning Resources. Upon selecting Learning Resources you'll see that there are currently three sub-sections: Glossary, List of hominins, and Further reading. These sub-sections are for those who are either doing one of my online courses in human evolution or would simply like learn a little a bit about evolution but would like some guidance.


Under Glossary you'll find a list of key terms relevant to human evolution. This glossary will amended and extended over time. I eventually intend to increase the scope of the glossary beyond human evolution into evolutionary studies in general. Please let me know if you have any suggestions as to how you think the glossary should be expanded.


List of hominins is a complete list of all the hominin species that are mentioned in my online courses on human evolution. Under each species is a short description that provides and overview of the distinguishing characteristics of the species. New discoveries are of course being made all the time and I'll add to list every time a major find comes to light! 


Finally, is some suggested further reading about human evolution. It is just a short list of interesting books I've read about human evolution in recent years. I'll be adding to this list regularly and if you have any suggestions that you would like to be added please let me know.


I very much see the current learning resources section as just a start. I'll be adding to each of the individual sections and may even add some new sections, so please keep checking the learning resources to see what's new.



If you want to learn more about human evolution please consider taking one my online courses on human evolution. No prior knowledge is required, all that is required is an passion in learning about human origins!


There is a 30-day money back guarantee on all courses. Free samples are also available for all courses so you try them out and see if you like them before even paying.

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